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"Club Manager has also been instrumental in improving athlete and parent engagement by enabling athletes..."

Chris Day Chairperson Pakuranga Athletics Junior Track and Field

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"it a ‘Game Changer’ in regards to how much it has lessened our workload..."

Rachael Keereweer Club Captain, Waitakere City Athletic Club (NZ)

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Michael set up our website and Data Input at Gosford Little Athletics in June 2008. Our Committee had just gone through a major overhaul and our recording system was archaic.

Michael came up from Sydney and sat down with me for a few hours and explained how the system worked. Michael was a parent of athletes and I could immediately tell that he had used his experience, and probably a little frustration, to develop a system that was easy to use but covered the whole gamut of recording families and athletes details, inputting their results, and on the other side, easy access to the families to see their children’s results and improvements,

At the time I had no experience in this area but I found it very easy to understand and for the first couple of seasons was the data input officer. Our current data input officer has now been using the system for about 12 years.

During this time, Michael has updated the website and system to add and improve a number of things in different areas to make our life a little easier. When at times there were issues, they were always resolved really quickly even the time I contacted him on a family holiday while he was travelling through Western Australia.

As President for the last 17 years, there are always things to think about and sometimes worry about, but I am happy that back in 2008, I made the decision to go with Michael at WichIT. That has been one less thing to worry about.

Stu Farrant

Gosford Little Athletics