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"The athletes are pleased that you can advise Personal Best times on the spot. ..."

Wendy Mears Parent Helper

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"Support from Michael is excellent - with replies coming to most queries in a matter of minutes or hours...."

Crispin Lyne President - Newcastle City Little Athletics

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Club Manager

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Result Recording Sheets in Club Manager

Including athlete PBs & centre records and season best

An integral part of running Little Athletics clubs, small or large, is the recording of results. Recording results in Club Manager is a cinch when you use the event sheets in Club Manager. You print them out for the selected week, fill them in and then key them into Club Manager.

Recognising that clubs have various requirements for managing their result recording efforts, Club Manager provides 4 versions of Event Sheets:

The first version is 'Event Sheets by Age Group, Gender and Event'. This option will page break on each of these. Some may find this a waste of paper so other options are available. 

Some clubs have the age managers take the recording sheets with them and so use the second option, ‘Event Sheets by Age Group'’.

Others have the sheets at each event and so use the first option ‘Event Sheets’ or to save paper the third option, 'Event Sheets by Event’.

The fourth option, ‘Event Sheets Brief’ is similar to the ‘Event Sheets by Age Group’ except it has the events going across the page rather than down the page. This saves even more paper.

All version of the result recording sheets will display club records and season best performance for the event, along with the season PB for each athlete. 

Club Manager is sold on a per athlete basis so all clubs can afford it.

Club Manager is priced on a 'per athlete' basis for initial licensing and setup. Club Websites are setup for a reasonable cost. You get a website that works for you. A nominal annual maintenance fee is charged for continued support and upgrades. Learn More

Recognising that clubs are run by volunteers who have a wide range of skills and levels of commitment and generally being time-poor; Club Manager has been developed with great care that it be error free and intuitive. With this in mind it is reasonable to expect that you will not have too much trouble with Club Manager. However, if things do go wrong then support is available via Online Support Form, Email, and Phone. Learn More