Wichit provides the best solution for your athletic club data management. We also provide outstanding websites for athletic clubs.

"The system is comprehensive, user friendly, efficient and up-to-date..."

Rachael Keereweer Club Captain, Waitakere City Athletic Club (NZ)

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"We implemented Club Manager after using a manual spreadsheet and paper system for many years..."

Lucy Finch Vice President, Woady Yalloak Athletics Club, VIC

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Content Management in a Club Website

The content in a Club Website from WichIT is yours to create and control. We provide the foundation of your site but leave you to manage it. Having said that, we do get you up and going by grabbing the content from any existing web presence you might have.

There are number of ubiquitous pages provided in a Club Website:

  • Results, Club Records, Season Best Performances
  • Weekly Programme
  • Registrations
  • Contact Us
  • Calendar
  • Photo Gallery

Apart from these pages, your Club Website can also contain as many user-defined pages as required. The user-defined pages can be presented in your site menu in a hierarchical context and pages can be grouped for a tight and easy-to use-menu. You have control of where pages are in your menu.

The page administration mechanism will list the pages in your site according to their menu location. In this example the 'Parent and Helpers' page group allows creation of a new page in the group and opportunity to edit each page in the group.

When editing, or creating a page, you can specify its group membership. Allowing you to completely restructure your menu when required, such as when your site content grows.

You can also change the page's title as it appears in the site menu and the heading of the page.

You can have a specific access level for each page. Level 0 for access by all site visitors and 1 to 9 for those who sign in. You can create any number users as you need and specify an access level for each. In that way committee members can sign in and access pages they need.  Whereas age managers can sign in and get access to information they require without having access to committee information. This avoids loss of information when club officials move on.

The page edit solution in a Club Website facilitates the creation of rich page content through an awesome WYSIWYG content editor and image management add-on. Apart from a handy formatting paradigm and spell check, the editor is very easy-to-use and allows you to upload and utilise images and links to PDF files and other pages, internal or external.





Club Manager is sold on a per athlete basis so all clubs can afford it.

Club Manager is priced on a 'per athlete' basis for initial licensing and setup. Club Websites are setup for a reasonable cost. You get a website that works for you. A nominal annual maintenance fee is charged for continued support and upgrades. Learn More

Recognising that clubs are run by volunteers who have a wide range of skills and levels of commitment and generally being time-poor; Club Manager has been developed with great care that it be error free and intuitive. With this in mind it is reasonable to expect that you will not have too much trouble with Club Manager. However, if things do go wrong then support is available via Online Support Form, Email, and Phone. Learn More