Wichit provides the best solution for your athletic club data management. We also provide outstanding websites for athletic clubs.

"Club Manager has made huge improvements in terms of efficiency..."

Chris Day Chairperson Pakuranga Athletics Junior Track and Field

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Brochure and Demo

We have a brochure you can download if you need something for your team. You can also, contact us about a demo.

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"Club Manager has been developed specifically for the way that Little Athletics is run so is a perfect fit for the way that things are done. ..."

Darryl Welch VP & IT Officer Manly Warringah Little Athletics

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Club Manager

  • Easy to use
  • Every thing you need
  • Intuitive
  • Supported

Club Manager Dashboard

Keep your eye on important aspects of recording and storing your data

Club Manager provides a comprehensive dashboard where you can see key metrics at a glance.

Registration data
  • Registrations with no registration number
  • Registrations with no age group recorded
  • Registrations with no gender recorded
  • Registrations in wrong age group
  • Registrations with duplicate registration numbers
Results data
  • Result headers (date, event info) with no results attached
  • Results with no event header
  • Results with no places recorded
  • Results better than club record

Event settings
  • Events with no description
  • Events with no event code
  • Duplicate events
Database maintenance

Each club has their own separate database. However, databases are backed routinely every night and reindexed each week. 

  • Database backup (for protection)
  • Database re-index (for better performance)
  • Database shrink (for better performance)

Activity insights
  • Registration by age group
  • Attendance by week for all age groups
  • Attendance by age group on a particular date
  • Attendance by date for a particular age group